Door furnishings That Succeeds in Generating Your Doors Look Very Expensive

Door Furniture That Succeeds in Making Your Doors Look Good

The idea of door furniture is not as strange a concept as one might think. In fact, from the handle that we press to the keyhole that we look through to the brass letter flaps that stretch across the middle section, furniture for the door is already everywhere. What is important to keep in mind is that such items are hugely effective in making doors look good, adding character and considerable style.

The value that they have is not only aesthetic, however, with practical uses for each of the applications. What is more, they are very easily installed, with the furniture simply attached with some Reisser screws into the wood of the door.

Which type of screws are used does depend on the location of the item and the surface that it is being attached too, but with wood, the predominant material of any door, Reisser and six screws can do the job perfectly well with any of the following items.

Door Handles

The most practical item is the door handle, and while the vast majority of doors do come with handles attached, it is always possible to change them to what one wants. For example, dividing doors may come with general purpose lever handles, but a homeowner may wish to add a little more style to the appearance of the door. Perhaps a Valli and Valli door handle in matt nickel would provide the desired look.

Also, perhaps the living room or dining room has been designed for a specific period, with a dark oak or stained ash doors used as the entrance. A Jedo Victorian straight lever brass door handle would give a quaint and intriguing finishing touch. Handles come in a vast variety of styles and materials, making the final choice a matter for the homeowner themselves.

Door Knockers

Just as with door handles inside a home, there is a wide range of door knockers for exterior doors. For many homeowners, this feature can provide real character, helping to create a sense of time, place and even theme to the home itself. For example, a newly built home may look perfectly fine, but by adding a heavy iron door knocker to the front door, a more antique quality is lent to the door itself which gives an impression that the home has been there for longer.

While an iron knocker can suggest permanency, a brass knocker can lend a more subtle, classy image to the door, while knockers can also come in themes, with a choice of animal heads, sporting themes, and various items providing character and humor.

Meanwhile, the practical advantages of choosing a knocker over a doorbell, for example, is the reliability of a mechanical method. Electrical features, such as a doorbell, can sometimes fail because a knocker can simply be lifted and struck against the door.

Door Letters and Numbers

Since home identification is such a priority, especially in urban areas, the need for clear numbering on a door is only logical. Similarly, if a house has a distinctive house name, like Hillview, Lakeside or Farmleigh, then the lettering needs to be clearly visible to passers by too. After all, directions to ones own home might be perfectly fine but a number or house name can remove any confusion.

While both are practical, there is no reason that they cannot be presented in a stylish manner. Choices exist in a number of materials, from brass to stainless steel and satin or polished chrome. They are usually available in a variety of fonts, and can also be found in italic format to add a little sophistication.

It is also possible to find a variety of signs that can be used inside and outside the home, not least toilet and bedroom signs. While practical, such items of door furniture can also indicate a sense of humour that the family within obviously has.

Regardless the style, material and size of the item, however, there are reisser screws that can do the job. This is because these screws come in a range of sizes, from 3mm to 6mm, and are all strong enough to comfortably hold up considerable weight. Similarly, spax screws are perfectly designed to handle the task too.

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