Front Entry Doorway – Why Your Entrance Doorway Is Hard To Open

Front Entry Door - Why Your Front Door Is Hard To Open

Just consider, you may have invited someone extremely Exclusive at your home to get a romantic candle mild supper you might be thoroughly dressed up, doorbell rings, and whenever you try to open up, it sticks hard and takes you 5 minutes and fifty jerks to open up the door. Oh my God! So embarrassing, isn’t it? That’s why never neglect this problem with your front entry door or even with any door. Front entry door is considered as the character of the residents of the house. If your entry door is getting hard to open then you must not ignore it and find where the problem is and resolve it as soon as possible.

Actually front entry door is a sentinel of the entire house, every one passes through that door to enter or exit. It protect you from extreme weather conditions, for instance, heavy rains, hot sun rays, and wind storm. It is for sure that these weather conditions affect the front entry door the most. But before getting into checking out the reasons of a jammed door you must check the carpet beneath, it might be thick to create a hindrance, if not then the problem is with the door.

If your door gets hard to open then examine it properly, check the hinges, lock and the edges of the door. At times the wood of the door swells up because of the weather condition and becomes the cause of hard opening.

Sometimes the hinges of the door get rusted or get loosen with frequent use, and the door knob can also be damaged or rusted. So it’s better to give your front entry door some attention, you can give it a thorough cleanup instead of replacing parts.

First of all, open the hinges and remove the door from the frame, now see the door frame if there is any damage fix it, if the mortise has deepened fill it with a piece of hardboard, if there is any crevice fill them, and polish the door frame. Detach the door knob; now clean the door by removing the dirt on its edges. If it’s got swollen up because of humidity; use a hand airplane to sand away the Wooden. See the edges, if there are any crevices, fill them. Now come to the door knob and lock. Remove the dust and rust if there is any. Polish the door and let it dry. Now install it again and screw the hinges tightly. Now open and close to check.

A door only gets hard if you neglect it for too long. The very best is usually to periodically clear it and take away rust within the initial onset.

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